Booktrib's Bites: Four Captivating Reads


(NewsUSA) - Running with the PresidentRunning with the President by August Martin Jr.

Democracy is under attack, militant extremist groups unleash chaos upon the American people, and conspiracy theories are mistaken for reality. Sound familiar? Here’s a political thriller that mirrors today’s headlines but still manages to deliver an escape from reality.

Meet Doris Machado, a recently widowed nurse living in New York City called to action as a first responder in the aftermath of a massive terrorist attack. She stumbles onto a secret and finds herself in over her head and uncertain of whom she can trust. Yet she realizes she must risk her life by embarking on a daring cross-country run, evading the very government agencies that should be protecting her.

In a race against time, Doris, the First Lady, and the First Family put their lives on the line as they search for the truth. Purchase at

The Capital of the SuperficialThe Capital of the Superficial by Julia Firley

Nothing is as it seems. Illusion is their means, and façade is their power.

 This is a story of how a small, impoverished country was transformed almost overnight into a rich, powerful welfare state controlled by a few shrewd families. We see what happened to the people who found themselves wealthy all of a sudden. We also see how foreigners flocked from all corners of the world to work hard there, or to exploit others.

How a system was created to serve the few at the expense of the many. How a society was brainwashed into accepting a thinly veiled caste system and a Big Brother system. How the small country amassed power and influence over superpowers. How they used their money and realpolitik to interfere in other countries. How the façade became the strength and lies supersede truth. Purchase at

ThresholdThreshold by Kevin Barry O’Connor

  1. The Vice President is coming to Philadelphia.
  2. Someone is going to try to kill her.
  3. We have four days to stop them.

Key Murphy has been urgently summoned to Philadelphia. There is a threat to the Vice President of The United States. That’s all he knows. It’s what he doesn’t know that scares him. Who made the threat? What do they have to gain? Why does someone want him involved? Is the threat real or is someone just trying to create chaos? What the hell is he supposed to do about it?

 “Fans of thrillers like the Bourne series will have a great time with Threshold,” says Readers Favorite, of this second installment of the Key Murphy Thriller Series. Purchase at

Your Future is Your BusinessYour Future Is Your Business by Will Skeeters

A wonderful, informative book to inspire you to take the first step in your journey to becoming everything you can be. With real-life examples of entrepreneurs and athletes who have faced enormous obstacles, you will find the encouragement you need to just start and continue on your path to greatness.

One Amazon reviewer calls it “a great read for aspiring entrepreneurs or anyone looking for inspiration. For anyone thinking about starting a business or just looking for some inspiration and motivation to move forward with something. The author, Will Skeeters, not only delivers raw content around his personal experience, but also shares stories and valuable insights from some admired business leaders whose own journeys have helped pave the way to his success.” Purchase at